Karibu 2017 Student Teachers

On Saturday, April 1st, the community center at the Rift Valley Children’s Village (RVCV) was packed as Education Director, Tim Kerr, and ESL Instructor, Jenna Thompsen, rushed to put up extra tables and chairs when more than double the expected applicants showed up for interview day. With the hopes of being selected as one of RVCV’s 5 Student Teachers, each candidate was interviewed by a panel of leaders: Tim, Jenna, and Reggie Nicodemus, a former Student Teacher who teaches full-time at Gyetighi Primary School.

The application process to become a Student Teacher at RVCV is a competitive one, for it holds the potential to change the lives of those selected. The Student Teacher Program invites Form 4 graduates who scored exceptionally well on their National Exam, but who do not have the economic means to continue their higher education, to spend a year living at the RVCV and assisting teachers at Gyetighi Primary School. In return,after completing their year with us, TCF will support these young adults by funding 3 years of their higher education, allowing them to pursue their dreams of attending college or university.

Since its start in 2005, our former student teachers have been able to pursue their passions, complete their degrees, and some have even come back to be full-time teachers at Gyetighi Primary School, giving back to the community that gave them a chance.

Our five exceptional student teachers were selected and are starting today, June 1st.


Meet our 2017 student teachers!


Frida has just completed Form 4 at Oldeani Secondary School, where she earned the title of Head Girl, which is similar to being Class President. She is looking forward to teaching and encouraging young minds at Gyetighi Primary School and hopes to improve her English language skills over the next year. Frida’s dream is to attend university and study Geography, English and Swahili. Unfortunately, Frida comes from a single-parent home that is unable to afford the costs of her higher education. Having overcome several challenges in life already, we know Frida will let nothing stop her from achieving success.

  • DOB: September 29, 1998
  • From: Oldeani
  • Family: Single parent home that does not value education
  • Primary School: Gyetighi
  • Secondary School: Oldeani (2016-Division 4)
  • Plans for Higher Education: University
  • Current Career Goals: Undecided


Janeth just completed her Form 4 studies and loves to learn, travel and be creative. Having had the opportunity to travel to Bagamoyo, Janeth loves the area for the historical education it provides, exemplifying her intellectual curiosity. She is excited to participate in the RVCV student teacher program so she can learn new things and meet new people.

  • DOB: December 5, 1994
  • From: Karatu
  • Primary School: Jumane
  • Secondary School: St. Theresa’s (2016-Division 3)
  • Plans for Higher Education: University
  • Current Career Goals: Lawyer and human rights advocate



Yuda is no stranger to the RVCV family. Yuda, who has always been exceptionally bright, started his academic success when he scored at the top of his Standard 7 class at Gyetighi Primary School. Hoping to ensure Yuda got the future he deserved, TCF was able to facilitate a sponsorship that subsidized his secondary school fees, allowing him to continue his education. He recently completed Form 6, scoring second in his class. Yuda is very proud of his National Exam marks and subsequent acceptance into Dar es Salaam University. However, after being denied a government loan to cover his tuition costs, Yuda made the difficult decision to put his education on hold for a year. The Student Teacher Program will empower Yuda to obtain his degree and pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. In his free time, Yuda enjoys dancing and volleyball.

  • DOB: February 20, 1994
  • From: Ascona Coffee Plantation
  • Family: 7 brothers and sisters; both parents work full-time as seasonal field workers and value education though they cannot afford it
  • Primary School: Gyetighi
  • Secondary School: Peacehouse Africa
  • Plans for Higher Education: Medical School/University
  • Current Career Goals: Doctor


Emmanuel is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Student Teacher Program. Without this opportunity, his parents could not afford to send him to college. Since graduating from Form 4, he has worked in a local secondary school as a secretary, helping find solutions for students facing challenges. He dreams of becoming a doctor, as it would allow him to improve the health and lives of others. Emmanuel is a natural leader and counselor to those around him. For fun, he loves to play football and games with the kids at RVCV.

  • DOB: December 25, 1995
  • From: TEC
  • Primary School: Gyetighi
  • Secondary School: Iflinda Tech (2016-Division 2)
  • Plans for Higher Education: College
  • Current Career Goals: Clinic Officer


Angel completed Form 4 in 2014 and has been working as a waitress at TEC, a local hot spot just up the road from RVCV. She is excited to participate in the Student Teacher Program so she can work on her English language skills and pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. In her free time, she enjoys reading and cooking.

  • DOB: February 12, 1998
  • From: TEC
  • Family: Nine brothers and sisters
  • Primary School: Gyetighi
  • Secondary School: Banjika (2014)
  • Plans for Higher Education: Teaching College
  • Current Career Goals: Primary School Teacher

The Tanzanian Children’s Fund of Canada was created to offer opportunity in the form of scholarships for deserving students in Tanzania. Your investment in The Tanzanian Children’s Fund of Canada is an investment in a bright and talented young adult like Frida, Janeth, Yuda, Emmanuel and Angel!


The Tanzanian Children’s Fund of Canada is a Canadian Registered Charity.

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To advance education and relieve poverty by providing publicly available scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial assistance to underprivileged youth in Tanzania.


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