Oldeani Secondary School – 5 Years Later

In 2013, we embarked on our newest bold adventure – partnering with the Tanzanian government to co-manage Oldeani Secondary School (OSS) and provide our community with quality education at the secondary level. With just over 250 students enrolled, the OSS campus was a much different scene five years ago. With infrastructure practically crumbling and classrooms overrun with a growing student body, the environment was everything but conducive for learning.

Recognizing that students deserved more, since starting this journey we have worked tirelessly to improve the conditions and bring students a higher quality education. Since our partnership began, we have completely refurbished the existing infrastructure and expanded the OSS campus with the additions of a library, laboratories, classroom blocks and teacher housing. We have hired more teachers to ensure a student-teacher ratio that allows for more individualized support, purchased additional learning materials, brought tablet technology to campus, and provided OSS teachers with professional development to ensure that they are the best educators they can be.

When asked to look back on her first days at OSS, Careen Charles explains, “it was very different; it was hard to focus because the classrooms were crowded, the quality is much better now.” Form 4 graduate, Josephat Margwe reflected on the excitement he felt when he saw that two science laboratories that were being built. “The laboratories were important for me because I want to study Physics and Biology at University, and without these facilities I wouldn’t be able to.”

Not only are OSS students happier at school, we are seeing the results of these investments through improved student outcomes. Last year, we celebrated a 20% increase in the number of students qualifying for post-secondary school. With more students than ever passing their exams and staying in school, in 2019, we have over 440 students enrolled. We are proud that OSS now ranks as 2nd amongst all government schools in the region.


In just five years, our progress dares us to dream bigger and bolder. We can’t wait to look back on this update in five more!

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