The Gift of College

With more than 38 of the children we support enrolled in higher education, conversation around the dinner table is much different today than it was 15 years ago. Studying everything from social work to fashion design, when home on school break the kids now discuss the Freudian Theories they learned in sociology class or share their experience from an internship working to fight hunger in impoverished areas.

In Tanzania today, less than 3% of women and 5% of men ever have the opportunity to continue their educations after high school. In solving the poverty puzzle, we believe that there is no greater tool than that of a quality education. So, when the time came for our first group of children to graduate from Form 4, the Tanzanian equivalent of high school, the decision to support them through their higher educations was an easy one.

As we listen to an excited Abdul tell us about his latest group project with students from Egypt and Mozambique, or Saidi story his volunteer work tutoring students at a primary school near his university, we know our investment in their continued studies will have an impact much bigger than their individual diplomas.

By empowering our children to earn their degrees, we are opening doors and allowing them to reach new heights. As a new school year begins, help us build a future generation of leaders in Tanzania and give the gift of continued education!


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The Tanzanian Children’s Fund of Canada is a Canadian Registered Charity.

Charitable Registration number is: 829450394RR0001


To advance education and relieve poverty by providing publicly available scholarships, bursaries, and other forms of financial assistance to underprivileged youth in Tanzania.

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