The Next Big Step

After their secondary school graduations, a celebratory vacation, a 10-day crash MBA course, a computer training program, and getting their driver’s licenses, our 11 Form 4 grads are ready for higher ed!

Find out where they are headed and what they are up to in their first big steps toward independence:

India Msee – has started her A Level studies, the precursor to University in Tanzania, at Kibosho Girl’s Secondary School. Taking courses that will prepare her for a career in medicine, India is on the doorstep of accomplishing her childhood dream of becoming a doctor.

Neema Karoli – will join India at Kibosho Girl’s Secondary School to gain the skills she needs to become a social worker. Focused on providing future generations with more opportunity, Neema is thrilled to be enrolled in a school that encourages their students to be socially responsible.

Hosiana Israel – Fresh off her graduation at Oldeani Secondary School, Hosiana will attend Tropical Training Institute to develop the necessary skills to pursue a career in Tanzania’s booming tourism industry.

Asau Paulo – has been accepted at JR Institute for Information Technology to study Computer Science. JR Institute will provide Asau with the latest practical training in technical fields, preparing him to take on the competitive Tanzanian job market as a skilled tech professional.

Nicola Dawi – A true academic, Nicola graduated from Deluti at the very top of his class. Currently Nicola is enrolled at JR Institute in Telecommunications as he awaits acceptance at the Dar Institute of Technology (the MIT of Tanzania), where he will pursue his dream of becoming an engineer.

Christina John – has faced medical challenges over the past year but it hasn’t slowed her determination and big heart. Now that Christina is feeling better, she is applying for social work programs to attend in the coming year.

Jojo Basso – With dreams of becoming a Clinical Officer to help others, Jojo was forced to delay his course work at Hydum Medical due to a recent change in the prerequisites required to enroll in medical training courses. While he applies to other institutions, Jojo has been a helping hand to Nurse Gretchen inside RVCV’s Rural Community Health Clinic.

Neema Patrice, James Christopher, Isaka Stephano and Marietha Dawi – These four future money makers have just begun a 3-year college course in Business Administration at the JR Institute.

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